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  For your next gifts I want to give you the opportunity to offer originals photographs, numbered and limited to 12 items, for you or yours friends, to decorate your house, your office, your bussiness hall...
and with very good prices. the selection will be change so please come often to see the news one.
the print will get a white or black background to be more easy frame. the subject can be rectangle or square it depend of each photo. for larger size, please contact me...
print 15 x 21 cm : 20 , 20 x 30 cm : 40 , 30 x 45 cm : 100 (postage around the world with delivery will charged)
(to see photos enlarge just clic on it) of course all the photos on the website to be sell...

  young girl and the pigeons - india   adelie pinguins antartica   ana   sweet and mineral   bjork   shells australia
  girafes Namibia   curves   back light   siren   langurs India   pont du gard - france
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